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Flash trigger voltages

Extract from DPanswers product database

This extract from the DPanswers product database lists the trigger voltages reported to us for miscellaneous flash units and strobes.

For more information about what trigger voltages that you may consider “safe”, please see this page.

Note: There is also a list of trigger voltages at the website: Botzilla, but it is seriously out of date (it has not been updated since 2004).

A word of caution about the voltages listed here: Some units have been manufactured over many years, and the design of the electronics and the trigger voltage may have changed over time. For such units, we list the smallest and highest voltage reported. However, we have no way of knowing whether our data are complete.

817 flash units found.

For brevity, this custom presentation only lists non-dedicated flash units. All dedicated flash units has a safe trigger voltage for the system they are dedicated to work with.

The voltages listed are taken from published manufacturer's specifications and from actual measurements submitted by readers. For some units, more than one measurement has been reported. Both the lowest and highest voltages reported are listed.

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