Walimex 650-1300mm f/8-16

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Rebranded version of Samyang 650-1300mm f/8-16 .

This lens is made by Korean lens manufacturer Samyang is also sold in re-branded versions as Bower, Falcon, Opteka, Phoenix, Polar, Pro-Optic, Vivitar, Walimex and Rokinon.

The construction of this lens is similar to a telescope. It only has a fixed aperture, which varies with the zoom setting (f/8 at the wide end, f/16 at the long end).

However, optically, this lens is not as bad as the price indicates. It has a fair amount of CA, but sharpness and contrast is better than the cheap mirror lenses it competes with. Obviously, this lens needs bright light and a good tripod to be usable, and manual focus is not simple because the viewfinder gets quite dark. The lack of auto-focus makes it hard to use for wildlife, but for static subjects, such as the moon, it works well.

This is a T-mount lens. You can fit it to most systems with an appropriate adapter. Note that the aperture is not communicated to the camera body, so you need a camera that let you measure light at working aperture or to use manual exposure.

This lens is more or less a cheap telescope. You also can buy a T-mount adapter to fit almost any spotter telescope, and this route may be cheaper and provide better quality images than this lens.

Integrated lens shade and tripod mount.

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Mounts: Canon EF, C-mount, Four-Thirds, µ-FourThirds, Nikon F, Pentax K, Sony A, T2.
Format: FX/135.
Aperture range: f/8-16 to f/16.
Optical zoom: 2x.
Close focus distance (CFD): 500 cm / 16.4 ft (from sensor plane).
Focus: Manual.
Groups/elements: 5/8.
Filter diameter: 95 mm.
L x D, W: 463 x 105 mm, 2000 g.
Approximate street price: USD 300 (new, w/o tax).
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