Nikon SB-910

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The SB-910 is Nikon's top of line Speedlight. Very solidly built. The user interface is slightly improved over SB-900. However, it is still missing the two edge sliders of the SB-700 (left for toggling modes, right for changing illumination pattern). Overall, the control layout is very much like the SB-900, but instead of the awkward two-button press to get into the menu, there is now a dedicated menu button on the back (replacing the zoom-button on the SB-900).

The big improvement over the SB-900 is an improved thermal protection system that slows the flash recycle time if its heats up, rather than the thermal nanny on the SB-900 that shuts down the flash completely to prevent overheating. Also, the new flash appears to be less prone to overheating than the SB-900.

The basic kit includes filter holder SZ-2 and SJ-4 colour filter set with four filters (Warming, Red, Yellow and Blue). These coloured filters are mainly for adding accent to the background. There is also an optional colour filter set SJ-3 containing a total of 20 filters in 8 colours. The flash also comes with two hard type colour compensation filters for use in mixed light: SZ-2FL (fluorescent) and SZ-2TN (incandescent). The flash detects type color compensation filter and transmits this information to a compatible camera (so far D3-series, D700 and D7000) for optimum white balance setting.

Fitted with Nikon Type pc-socket (SC-15 or SC-11), and 3-pin legacy terminal (SC-19 or SC-18). However, it does not support Nikon's legacy TTL modes.

Also comes with speedlight stand AS-21, Nikon diffusion dome SW-13H, and soft case SS-910. The case has an extra room at the bottom for the diffuser and filter holder.

Optional water guards will be available for select cameras (D3 series, D300 series, D700) to protect camera's accessory shoe contact when SB-900 is mounted on a Nikon digital SLR camera.


For dedicated flash system: Nikon.
Head: 14, 17-200mm coverage, power zoom (w. manual override).
Swivel & tilt: -180° to +180° swivel, -7° to +90° tilt.
Exposure modes: TTL, FP, Auto, Varipower, GN, RPT.
Manual settings: 1/1, 1/2 to 1/128 in 1/3 EV steps (20 steps).
Wireless modes: Master, Remote (dedicated), Plain slave.
Features: Sound, LCD, Crop aware, Overheat protection, Metal foot, Env. seals, Lever lock, Sync. socket, Ext. power, Bounce card, Strobist.
Trigger voltage: 3.5 volt.
Batteries: 4xAA.
Flash duration: 1/880 sec. @ 1/1 (full output).
Field upgradable: via hot-shoe.
Dimensions: 79 x 145 x 112 mm, 420 g.

Zoom head setting:f=35mmf=50mmf=max
Guidenumber (ISO 100, meter):344056
Standard ill. pattern..

Price: USD 550 (new, w/o tax).
Production: 2011-today.

For a detailed explanation of the above specifications, see the guide.

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Established: 1917
HQ: Tokyo, Japan
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Nikon is a multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan specializing in optics and imaging. Its products include cameras, lenses, flash units, scanners, binoculars, microscopes, measurement instruments, and steppers (used in semiconductor fabrication). The company was founded in 1917 as Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushikigaisha (Japan Optical Industries Corporation), and renamed Nikon Corporation, after its cameras, in 1988. Nikon Corporation is one of the companies of the Mitsubishi Group.

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