Nikon SB-800

Check availablity: Adorama, BH, eBay.

After this was discontinued in 2008, used units has been sold for silly prices on eBay.

Usually uses 4xAA size batteries, but can use a fifth AA battery if fitted with the SD-800 Quick Recycle Battery Pack. for those that want shorter recycle times. It is a hassle to install the holder for the fifth battery (see below), and my SB-800 works well enough with just 4 NiMH batteries. However, if you want to fit the holder for fifth battery on the SB-800, here's how:

  1. Open the cover as usual and then firmly continue the rotation past 90°. Do not twist the cover since you will induce stress fractures on the tiny plastic knobs that will break it off eventually.
  2. Fit the holder for the fifth battery in the place of the lid.

You use the same procedure to remove the holder and re-install the lid.

Has legacy TTL terminal and pc-socket.

Comes with speedlight stand AS-19, diffusion dome SW-10H, coloured filter set SJ-800 (FL-G1 - fluorescent, TN-A1 - incandescent), and soft case SS-800.

Compatible with external pwr sources DC Unit SD-7, High-Performance Battery Pack SD-8A, and Power Bracket Unit SK-6/SK-6A.


For dedicated flash system: Nikon.
Head: 14, 24-105mm coverage, power zoom (w. manual override).
Swivel & tilt: -180° to +90° swivel, -7° to +90° tilt.
Exposure modes: TTL, FP, Auto, Varipower, GN, RPT, OTF.
Manual settings: 1/1, 1/2 to 1/128 in 1/3 EV steps (20 steps).
Wireless modes: Master, Remote (dedicated), Plain slave.
Features: Sound, LCD, Metal foot, Lever lock, Sync. socket, Ext. power, Bounce card, Strobist.
Trigger voltage: 3.6 volt.
Batteries: 4xAA.
Flash duration: 1/1050 sec. @ 1/1 (full output).
Field upgradable: No.
Dimensions: 71 x 127 x 92 mm, 350 g.

Zoom head setting:f=35mmf=50mmf=max
Guidenumber (ISO 100, meter):384456
GNs taken from p. 35 in the manual.

Price: USD 315 (new, w/o tax).
Production: 2003-2008, replaced by: Nikon SB-900.

For a detailed explanation of the above specifications, see the guide.



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Established: 1917
HQ: Tokyo, Japan
Web: Global, EU, US, man

Nikon is a multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan specializing in optics and imaging. Its products include cameras, lenses, flash units, scanners, binoculars, microscopes, measurement instruments, and steppers (used in semiconductor fabrication). The company was founded in 1917 as Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushikigaisha (Japan Optical Industries Corporation), and renamed Nikon Corporation, after its cameras, in 1988. Nikon Corporation is one of the companies of the Mitsubishi Group.

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