Quantaray PZ-1

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Rebranded version of Sunpak 400AF.

This flash only provides TTL with film bodies. When used on any DSLR it is for all intents and purposes a generic flash unit. Its legacy OTF TTL-mode is incompatible with digital TTL systems, but it may work fine in manual mode. You may have to tape over the “extra ” TTL-pins in the camera's hot-shoe to make sure legacy TTL signaling does not confuse the camera.


Generic flash.
Head: 28-80mm coverage, power zoom (w. manual override).
Swivel & tilt: unspecified swivel, 0° to +90° tilt.
Exposure modes: Varipower, OTF.
Manual settings: 1/1 and 1/16 (2 steps).
No built-in wireless modes.
Features: LCD.
Trigger voltage: 5 volt.
Field upgradable: No.

Zoom head setting:f=35mmf=50mmf=max
Guidenumber (ISO 100, meter):283440
GNs taken from manufacturer's specifications.

Discontinued: Yes.

For a detailed explanation of the above specifications, see the guide.


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