Starblitz 320 BTZ

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Two auto apertures (f/2.8 and f/5.6 @ ISO100).


Generic flash.
Head: Fixed 35mm coverage.
Swivel & tilt: no swivel, -5° to +90° tilt.
Exposure mode: Auto.
Manual settings: 1/1 only.
No built-in wireless modes.
Trigger voltage: 5.7 volt.
Batteries: 4xAA.
Flash duration: 1/1000 sec. @ 1/1 (full output).
Field upgradable: No.
Dimensions: 88 x 145 x 76 mm, 320 g.
Guide number (ISO 100, meter): 32.

Discontinued: Yes.

For a detailed explanation of the above specifications, see the guide.


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Brand profile

Key info

Established: 1967
HQ: Barcelona, Spain
Web: Global

Starblitz is a is a Spanish marketer of photographic accessories, including flash units, tripods and accessories. As far as I know, Starblitz doesn't manufacture equipment, but relies on various OEMs as a source for Starblitz-branded products.

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