Tumax DPT586AFZ

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The Tumax models DPT583AFZ, DPT586AFZ and DPT588AFZ are the same flash with slightly different front panel designs as shown below.

Front panels.
Alternative front panel designs, swivel & tilt head, LCD control panel.

You will probably not see this flash advertised under the “Tumax” brand. Tumax main business is making equipment that are sold under various other brand names.

  • Tumax DPT583AFZ is not rebranded.
  • Tumax DPT586AFZ is not rebranded.
  • Tumax DPT588AFZ is sold as: Vivitar DF 483.

Because all these units are just variations over the same theme, you probably should be able to save a bundle by shopping around looking for the cheapest unit without paying any attention to brand.

The manufacturer's spec. sheet says that it is field upgradeable through a “built-in reprogram socket ”, but the manual does not mention this feature.


For dedicated flash systems: Canon, FourThirds, Nikon, Pentax, Sony.
Head: 20, 24-105mm coverage, manual zoom.
Swivel & tilt: -180° to +120° swivel, 0° to +90° tilt.
Exposure modes: TTL, FP, Varipower.
Manual settings: 1/1 to 1/32 in 1/1 EV steps (6 steps).
Wireless modes: Remote (dedicated), Plain slave.
Features: LCD.
Trigger voltage: < 6 volt.
Batteries: 4xAA.
Field upgradable: via socket.
Dimensions: 65 x 100 x 120 mm, 250 g.

Zoom head setting:f=35mmf=50mmf=max
Guidenumber (ISO 100, meter):29 [?]36 [?]50 [50]
Measured GNs. Manufacturers specification in square brackets.

Price: USD 200 (new, w/o tax).
Production: 2010-today.

For a detailed explanation of the above specifications, see the guide.



Brand profile

Key info

Established: 1985
HQ: Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Web: Global, man

Tumax is a registered trademark of Icorp Enterprises Ltd. of Hong Kong. The company was founded in 1985 and manufactures a line of flash units and flash accessories that are traded under a number of other brand names (e.g. Bower, Cactus, Cullmann, Digital Concepts, Dörr, Jessops, Opteka, Rokinon, Sakar, Soligor, Targus, Vivitar).

For macro kits built around Tumax' macro controllers, see Xotopro.

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