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Flash finder (beta)

Search for a flash suitable for digital photography

This page let you serach for a suitable battery powered flash for your digital camera. Note that it can not be used to search dedicated flash units compatible with film cameras.

Fill in the form below to indicate what type of flash unit you are looking for. The first field is a pull-down meny to restrict the search to a specific brand. Leave it set to “--Any--” to search through all brands. Use the second selector to indicate the basic type of flash (Generic or Dedicated to a particular TTL flash control system). Use the third selector if you want to put additional restrictions (filter) on the search.

See the notes section for information on how to use the selectors in the search form.

1) Select the brand name of flash you are looking for:
2) Select type of flash you are looking for:
Generic (and legacy dedicated):
see Notes: below for our definition of a Generic flash unit.
Canon (E-TTL II), FourThirds (TTL), Nikon (i-TTL),
Pentax (P-TTL), Sigma (STTL), Sony (P-TTL).
flash units we have very little data on.
3) Filters (restrict search to flash units tagged):
HSS/FP auto varipower sync. socket wireless
current (i.e. not discontinued) flashes.


  1. Setting the brand selector to “--Any--” will search for a flash of any brand.
  2. Searching for a Generic flash in our database will list flashes that can not be used as a dedicated flash on current DSLRs. The majority of these are flashes designed as generic flash units. In addition, legacy dedicated flash units designed for use with legacy TTL systems are also listed in this category. Most (but not all) dedicated flash units can be “dumbed down” to work as a generic flash in manual mode. Searching for Generic type flash will exclude current dedicated flash units from the result. However: Legacy dedicated flash units that was designed to work with various legacy TTL systems (incompatible with current TTL systems) is listed, since most (but not all) of these can be used as a Generic type flash in manual mode. Note that some of the units tagget Generic may have a high trigger voltage. The Generic tag does not necessarely imply that the trigger voltage is safe on a modern camera.
  3. A Dedicated flash is one that is dedicated to work with a specific manufacturer's dedicated TTL flash control system for digital cameras (i.e. Canon's E-TTL II, Four-Thirds' TTL, Nikon's i-TTL, Pentax' P-TTL, Sigma's STTL and Sony's P-TTL). To find a dedicated flash for cameras belonging to the Four-Thirds or µ-Four-Thirds system from Olympus, Panasonic and Leica, select Four-Thirds as type. Note that the Sony P-TTL system is incompatible with the Pentax P-TTL system. All Dedicated flash units have a safe trigger voltage.
  4. An Unknown flash is a unit we have very little data on (usually only the trigger voltage). If you own one of the units listed in this category, and have some information to contribute, please send us a message.
  5. Filters are cumulative (boolean operation AND). Restricting search to “varipower” and “sync. socket” will give you a list of flash units with a varipower mode and also a sync. socket.

Disclaimer: The data in the flash finder are reported in good faith. However, you should never base a purchase decision on data from the DPanswers flash finder alone. Always verify the data from the fact finder against other sources to make sure it is accurate before committing to buy. And please send us a message if you spot any errors or omissions while browsning the flash data.

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