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List of flashes

DPanswers flash search result page

Listing generic flash units that can be fired via a pc-socket or hot-foot centre pin, plus any legacy dedicated flash units that provide no dedicated functions for DSLRs.
Filter: varipower.

You can see a more detailed description by clicking on the name of the flash. Most of the colums should be self-explanatory. The column “WL” summarizes built-in wireless modes: The character “m” means wireless master, “r” means wireless remote, “sf” means plain slave, and “sd” means digital slave (ignoring pre-flash).

Achiever 632LCD28-85mm28  [USD 170]
Bauer E336 ABS27mm36  [-]
Blacks TDZ 12028-85mm25  [-]
Braun 370BVC37  [-]
Cactus KF3628, 35-105mm31  USD 100
Canon 300TL24-85mm30  [-]
Canon 420EZ24-80mm30  [USD 290]
Canon 430EZ24-80mm30  [-]
Canon 540EZ18, 24-105mm36  [-]
Flashpoint RL120028-85mm30  USD 60
Godox TT52035mm33sf,sd USD 34
Godox TT56035mm38sf,sd USD 53
Image MBZ-150035mm25  [-]
LumoPro LP16024-105mm30sf,sd USD 160
MeiKe MK93018, 24-105mm39sf,sd USD 65
Metz 28 CS-2 digital35mm22r,sf,sd USD 126
Metz 40 AF-428-80mm28  [USD 140]
Metz 45 Cx-x35mm45  [-]
Metz 50 MZ-524-105mm42  [-]
Metz 60 CT-435mm60  [-]
Minolta Auto 200X35mm20  [-]
National PE-305728-85mm28  [-]
National PE-387S28-85mm30  [-]
Nikon SB-14028mm32  [-]
Nikon SB-1535mm25  [-]
Nikon SB-1628-85mm32  [-]
Nikon SB-2028-85mm30  [-]
Nikon SB-2135mm13  [-]
Nikon SB-2228, 35mm25  [-]
Nikon SB-2424-85mm36  [-]
Nikon SB-2520, 24-85mm36  [-]
Nikon SB-2618, 24-85mm36sf  [-]
Nikon SB-2720, 24-50mm30  [-]
Nikon SB-2818, 24-85mm36  [-]
Nikon SB-28DX18, 24-85mm36  [-]
Nikon SB-3017, 28mm16sf  [-]
Nikon SB-80DX14, 24-105mm38sf  [-]
Olympus T10 Ring Flash 1 Macro10  [-]
Olympus T28 Twin Flash 1 Macro22  [-]
Olympus T8 Ring Flash 2 Macro8  [-]
Osram BCS44 STUDIO35mm44sf  [-]
Promaster FTD 570028, 35-80mm31  [-]
Sigma EF-43018, 28-80mm32  [-]
Sigma EF-430 ST18, 28-80mm32  [-]
Soligor PZ-42 AF24-85mm24  [-]
Starblitz 250 BAZ28-135mm25  [-]
Sunpak 400AF28-80mm28  [-]
Sunpak AP-5235mm30  [-]
Sunpak Auto 383 Super35mm36  [USD 80]
Sunpak Auto 433D35mm36  [-]
Sunpak Auto 51135mm36  [-]
Sunpak Auto 52235mm36  [-]
Sunpak Auto 54435mm42  [-]
Sunpak Auto 55535mm45  [-]
Sunpak Auto 61135mm48  [-]
Sunpak Auto 622 Pro35mm50  [-]
Sunpak Auto 622 Super Pro35mm60  [USD 200]
Sunpak Autozoom 33335-135mm26  [-]
Sunpak Autozoom 360035mm36  [-]
Sunpak PF20XD24mm20sf,sd USD 38
Sunpak PZ40X24-80mm28  [-]
Toshiba ES-3635mm36  [USD 170]
Toshiba ES-38L35mm38  [-]
Vivitar 132AF28-85mm24  [-]
Vivitar 19235mm39  [-]
Vivitar 730AF28-85mm28  [USD 65]
Vivitar Auto 28528, 35-105mm31  [USD 75]
Vivitar Auto 285HV28, 35-105mm31  USD 90
YongNuo YN-460 II35mm33sf,sd USD 46
YongNuo YN-46235mm33  [USD 35]
YongNuo YN-560 II18, 24-105mm39sf,sd [USD 75]
YongNuo YN-560 III18, 24-105mm39sf,sd USD 75
YongNuo YN-560EX15, 24-105mm39r,sf,sd USD 110

73 flashes found. Search again.

Note that if you use guide numbers (GNs) for doing comparisons, the guide number you'll find in most manufacturer's literature is for the zoom head at its maximum setting (e.g. f=85mm or f=105mm). This makes it difficult to make direct power comparisons with flash units from other manufacturers, as the maximum zoom setting vary from flash to flash. For zoom head flashes, the list above all show the GN with the zoom head set to 35 mm coverage (FX).

For units still in production, the price columns indicates what you may expect to pay when you buy a new unit from a retailer. Prices are collected from the web pages of leading retailers at irregular intervals. Prices goes up and down all the time, so only treat this column as a rough guideline. To see current price and availability, visit the website of a merchant selling the particular flash. For discontinued units (indicated by square brackets around the price, the price listed is what the item used to sell for. Most used items sell for less than this, but certain hard to find second-hand items may sell for more. DPanswers do not track prices on used equipment. To find the going price for used items, search “completed auctions” on eBay.

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