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List of flashes

DPanswers flash search result page

Listing Achiever generic flash units that can be fired via a pc-socket or hot-foot centre pin, plus any legacy dedicated Achiever flash units that provide no dedicated functions for DSLRs.

You can see a more detailed description by clicking on the name of the flash. Most of the colums should be self-explanatory. The column “WL” summarizes built-in wireless modes: The character “m” means wireless master, “r” means wireless remote, “sf” means plain slave, and “sd” means digital slave (ignoring pre-flash).

Achiever 1850 STW28-85mm30  [USD 110]
Achiever 260AF28-85mm?  [USD 110]
Achiever 260T24-85mm21  [USD 100]
Achiever 321A35mm20  [-]
Achiever 321AZ35mm21  [USD 55]
Achiever 630AF28-85mm?  [-]
Achiever 632LCD28-85mm28  [USD 170]
Achiever DZ26535-85mm17  [-]
Achiever TZ25035-85mm25  [USD 90]

9 flashes found. Search again.

Note that if you use guide numbers (GNs) for doing comparisons, the guide number you'll find in most manufacturer's literature is for the zoom head at its maximum setting (e.g. f=85mm or f=105mm). This makes it difficult to make direct power comparisons with flash units from other manufacturers, as the maximum zoom setting vary from flash to flash. For zoom head flashes, the list above all show the GN with the zoom head set to 35 mm coverage (FX).

For units still in production, the price columns indicates what you may expect to pay when you buy a new unit from a retailer. Prices are collected from the web pages of leading retailers at irregular intervals. Prices goes up and down all the time, so only treat this column as a rough guideline. To see current price and availability, visit the website of a merchant selling the particular flash. For discontinued units (indicated by square brackets around the price, the price listed is what the item used to sell for. Most used items sell for less than this, but certain hard to find second-hand items may sell for more. DPanswers do not track prices on used equipment. To find the going price for used items, search “completed auctions” on eBay.

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