Canon EOS to MFT adapter with aperture control

Canon EOS lenses require power and electronic signals in order to adjust the aperture of the lens. Without power and an electronic signal, the aperture of the EOS lenses remain stuck wide open. This means that making adaptors for Canon EOS lenses is not a trivial task.

Livelens MFT adaptor.

Now accessory specialist Redrock Micro have come up with an active lens adaptor that let you use a Canon EOS lens on a µFour-Thirds body that solves this problem by providing power to the EOS lens and a built-in control pad to adjust the lens aperture. It uses an external 9 volt battery for power, and a touch panel for control.

Its name is LiveLens MFT adaptor. It lets you set the aperture of the EOS lens to any stop in increments 1/3 or 1/5 stop (depending on the lens). It works with just about every EOS lens available today, including variable aperture zoom lenses, fixed focal length lenses lenses, and professional L-series lenses. It also works with most third party EOS-compatible lenses.

The adapter only allows you to set the aperture. Other EOS lens features, such as auto-focus and image stabilisation, are not supported. Still, if you use µFour-Thirds, and also are a Canon shooter with a cabinet full of L-glass, it may be a worthwile investent.

The adapter costs USD 442.50, and the 9 volt battery and cable USD 52.50. Both are available directly from the Redrock Micro website.

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