Yongnuo YN468, an update of the YN467

ShenZhen YongNuo Photographic Equipment Co. Ltd., who presently is best known for its radio triggers and a line of low cost flash units, has plans for releasing a more modern looking flash units (with LCD screen), power zoom and TTL control for Canon and Nikon. Initial price will be around USD 115.

The unit is now shown on the company's website. The picture below shows several segments of the LCD screen on the back. It gives us some indication of what to expect.

Yongnuo YN468.
Yongnuo YN468 for Nikon. Photo: Yongnuo.

The main difference between YN468 and YN467 is that YN468 has a an LCD screen on the back instead of a row of LEDs, and a Multi (strobeflash, repeating flash) function. Here is what I have been able to deduce from the LCD screen and the preliminary specifications.

  • TTL: TTL mode (for Canon and Nikon).
  • M: Manual mode. The specification mentions 7 different flash power level ( 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64) in the manual mode.
  • Multi: RPT (repeating flash) mode where the flash fires repeatedly during a single exposure, creating a stroboscopic multiple exposure effect. The 14-20 Hz setting shown on the display above is probably related to this.
  • S1 S2: Optical slave modes. S1 is the “dumb” mode without pre-flash detection, S2 is the “digital” slave mode where it ignores the pre-flash.

  • ISO: ISO set on the camera?
  • F13: Aperture set on camera?
  • Zoom 35mm: Current setting of the zoom head. The red text above the LCD screen states the power zoom range to be 24-85 mm.

Below the LCD screen are an LED-light and a set of buttons. The LED-light is referred to as “AF LED” in the specifications. It may have something to do with activating AF-assist? There is the +/- switch for navigation that we know from other Yongnuos. Finally there are the Pilot button, a Mode button and the On/Off switch.

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