Tamron 60 mm under-exposure with Nikon body

I recently purchased a Tamron 60mm f/2.0 to be used on my D300 body. It turns out that the photos I have taken were underexposed. I have since combed the net for information and I noticed in some forum it was reported such cases (the lens seems to be performing OK on Canon). I wonder whether you can assist in performing a test/evaluation on this issue because I have not seen anyone who does that yet.


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I don't have this lens

I do not currently have this lens, so I can't test it or do a review of it.

I see that the Photozone review mentions underexposure as a problem, and the issue also discussed in this Flickr thread.

Underexposure / Unterbelichtung Tamron 60 mm macro on Nikon body

Yes, the underexposure seems to be a general problem with the Tamron 60 mm macro on nikon bodies (at least on nikon bodies D90 and D300). I have tested numerous samples in different shops and they all underexpose by about one f stop. Photozone reports that the issue has been resolved as of early 2011, but I just tested a sample shipped to a shop in Europe in January and it still had the problem. It is frustrating - because the Nikon 60 mm AF-S has much shorter working distance in comparison: it effectively becomes a shorter focal length (35 to 40 mm) at 1:1, similar to cheap all-in-one cameras that have their macro mode only at wide angle. The working distance of the Nikon is so short that you will shield the light from the object, scare off insects, or touch leaves of a plant you like to take a picture of. Also, the Nikon 60 mm AF-S micro is quite bulky due to the full-frame design. Who wants to carry an additional macro lens of such size and weight (not to speak of the Nikon 105 mm VR micro)? The low-speed 3.5/85 mm micro is no real alternative either.

So I will continue to wait until Tamron has hopefully fixed the exposure problem of the Tamron 60 mm macro. It would be a nice lens if it worked correctly.

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