Speedlight in auto mode on NIKON camera

Is there a way that a cheaper speedlight such as Yongnuo YN-468 II i-TTL Speedlite Flash with LCD Display would work in auto mode on my NIKON D3000? I am wanting to use it on camera as well as use the slave at other times. But my most concern is in photography events and needing an automatic bounce/speedlight flash.

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Yes. The Yongnuo YN-468 II i-TTL should work in i-TTL mode (i.e. automatic mode) in the hot-shoe of a Nikon D3000.

But that is in the hot-shoe only. It has a built-in slave function, but that is manual only (i.e. no i-TTL or auto).

Since there is no built-in commander mode in the Nikon D3000, you will not have wireless i-TTL operation even if you bought the top-of-the line Nikon SB-910. To have wireless i-TTL with the Nikon D3000, you need to have an AWL-compatible flash in the hot-shoe, and another AWL-compatible flash off-camera.

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