Metz 15 ms-1 and Nikon d5100

Will the metz 15 ms-1 work on a nikon d5100? The d5100 dosen't have a built in commander or a sync cord plug. Will it work with the IR clip?
Thanks Jim

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@Jim W.,
no, the Metz 15 ms-1 is not really compatible with the Nikon D5100.

I.e. it will not support automatic exposure control, or any of the AWL functions that you're paying a premium for with this macro flash.

If will work as a manual slave flash if you dumb it down to manual operation only, but then it becomes a very expensive manual flash.

The IR clip (Metz' version of the Nikon SG-3IR IR panel) fits snugly over Nikon pop-up flashes, but it is just a plastic shield that stops visible light from the pop-up from impacting on exposure while letting IR through – it does not add any IR capability.

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