Need suggestions on Nissin Di866

Hi All,

Need suggestions... I am planning for Nissin Di866..

In US its costing around $250... Is there any alternative at that price???(not more than $300)

Never own any flash before

Love portrait photography..little macro

Once I used Canon 580 EX II of my friends for about 3 days and felt very good and solid

Prasad Balireddy

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One response:


If you want a dedicated flash for Canon with similar power and capabilities to the Nissin Di866 for less then USD 300 - there are no real alternatives (unless you buy used equipment).

The closest competitor, the Sigma EF-530 DG Super, is in the same price bracket, but is less capable, has less power, and comes with a user interface from hell.

There are some issues with the Nissin Di866 concerning FP/HSS-mode (it works, but only on camera in TTL-mode - see our review) - but IMHO it is the best dedicated flash below USD 300. The Canon 580 EX II is of course better built, but it will cost you more than USD 400.

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