Nikon D90 RPT mode

Hi there,
I have a question and really appreciate if you help me.

I have taken few shots using RPT mode by Nikon D90 in 5x10Hz. I need to know the precise time between each two shots. I mean is it 0.1 seconds or it is 0.12 seconds? Is there any way (contacting with Nikon, or any reference) on this?


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I haven't verified this experimentally, but 10 Hz means 0.1 second between each strobscopic flash. If the time between each flash had been 0.12 second, that would be 8.33 Hz. So assuming Nikon isn't lying, the Hz setting should tell you the exact time between each stroboscopic flash in RPT mode.

When I can find the time, I'll try to verify this experimentally, but I am pretty sure Nikon can be trusted.


Thank you very much for your reply.

But I believe there should be an error, even very small. May be the 0.1 second is 0.1001 in practice, and this is important to me.

Thanks again.

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