Point & Shoot Digicams and Street Photography

If you think that it is the camera that makes you a professional photographer, take a look at this article in Rob Galbraith's web forum about Magnum photographer Alex Majoli.

Award winning photographer Majoli shoots most of his assignments with cheap point & shoot digital cameras, such as the Olympus C4040. His main reason for using this type of equipment is to appear inconspicuous when doing street photography. In another interview published at Apple.com (now gone), Majoli explains his technique:

I'm really tall and blond, so with the big camera it's difficult for me to approach people. With the C4040, I could pretend to be a kind of curious tourist around the water. Also, the little camera produces a file that is fine for any publication. I always prefer to work with a small camera.

Majoli never cared for the large and heavy "professional" digital SLRs offered by Canon and Nikon. He finds the smaller digital cameras made for the amateur point & shoot market closer connected to the legendary Leica M rangefinder cameras he used in the film era. Even the zoom range of the Olympus C4040 mirrors the 35, 50 and 90mm lenses of the Leica M-system. He carries and uses several of these cameras, but takes no accessories - not even a flash gun - with him on assignment.

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