Nikon SU-800 and SB-910 RPT flash mode

I would like to use my SB-910 off camera in repeated flash mode (RPT) and have it triggered wirelessly by the SU-800. I can not seem to find the correct settings inside the menus of both, or better said the procedure for setting this up in each of the menus. Do I have to go into the menu of my D700 as well to set up this function?

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First, make sure the Commander/Close-up select switch (behind the battery chamber cover on the SU-800) is set to the Commander position. Then, to toggle between Commander and Repeating flash operation, press and hold down the [SEL] button for at least 2 seconds. When the letters “RPT” appears (as shown on the diagram below), the SU-800 is set to wireless Repeating flash operation.

The LCD display on the SU-800.

Now set up the channel number to use on the SU-800 by means of the [SEL] button and arrow keys. Press the [SEL] button once again to finalize channel selection.

Press the [SEL] button to display the group (blinking). Press the [MODE] button to set the group to fire or not. The diagram above shows that the SU-800 is set to channel 1, with groups A and B to fire, and group C not to fire.

Set the flash output power level, the repeat frequency in Hz, and the number of repeating flashes per frame. Press the [SEL] button to display the items to be set (blinking). Press the arrow buttons to change the value. The diagram above shows that groups A and B is set to fire at 1/8 power at 10 Hz, repating eigth times.

After setting up the SU-800, set up the SB-910 remotes by setting the lock-release switch to REMOTE, and channel and group to correspond to what is set on the SU-800.

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