Nissin Di-622 flash gun: Poor flash

I have the Nissin Di-622, the only problem is when the flash-head is at 90 degrees – that is to say when mounted on the camera (Nikon D90) the flash head is parallel with the lens, and set on TTL the flash is always poor and the picture badly underexposed, regardless of which lens, ISO, or shutter speed or distance from the subject.

I am very disappointed with it, and feel it's been a waste of money. I went back to the dealership from where I got it and all they said was thats how they are more or less. So it has laid in its box for the majority of the 15 months I've had it. The intention was to have it on TTL for quick shots and know they would be right.

Don't feel like forking out for a repair if that's needed. I think I'll just forget about it and put it down to bad luck, won't buy anything else Nissin.

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Can you perhaps advise me what to do, if anything about my Nissin Di622, when the flash head is at 90 degrees pointing straight ahead to the subject in the TTL setting for quick shots the flash is always poor and pictures badly underexposed regardless of lens type, ISO, or shutter speed. It is 15 months old now, I took it back to the dealership just after I got it, but got no satifaction, so I've put it to one side and not used it, being disappointed as you will understand.

Thanks, Jim Barr.


This is not how the Nissin Di622 is supposed to work in TTL mode. Either both the units you've tested has been faulty, or you are not using it correctly.


I can assure you I am using it correctly as per instructions enclosed, apart from that I've been doing photography for about 50 years and was a semi-professional. The end result is the flash gun is no good or faulty, so I'm using the old Starblitz D30CP, works well, but would just like to have had a modern one, guess I've been unlucky.

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