Sigma EF 500 Super as slave flash

Can the Nikon D80 & D7000 be used to trigger the Sigma EF 500 Super & Sigma 500 DG Super NA-iTTL, as a slave flash.

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The Sigma EF 500 Super (without “DG” in the name) is not compatible with digital cameras. This means that neither iTTL or AWL wireless triggering will work. It may work as a manual flash in the hot-shoe, and as a normal slave (i.e. no AWL) with the pop-up flash set to manual as lead flash.

However, the Sigma 500 DG Super NA-iTTL should work as a slave/remote flash with the popup-flash on the two cameras you mention as master in commander mode. Normal slave mode (with the popup-flash set to manual and used as lead flash) should also work.

Note that the user interface of Sigma flashes for wireless triggering is pretty awkward.


Thanks that is brilliant.

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