Need clarification of Nikon D50 Spot Metering

Trying to measure luminance of luminous paint on watches or clocks using spot metering. Manual says spot is a 3.5mm circle (or 2.5% of frame) but I can't find where this "3.5mm" is located. Surely not in the actual scene!? Is it possible 3.5mm referred to the image sensor (not the 420 px metering sensor)?

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One response:

It refers to the focusing screen

On the manual, on page 130, it says that center weighted meters a “8-mm circle in center of frame”, while spot meters a “3.5-mm circle centered on active focus area” Both these measurements refer to the physical focusing screen.

If you look through the viewfinder you should be able to see the 8-mm diameter circle of the center weighted area outlined on the screen. The spot metering area is not shown in the viewfinder, but the diameter of this area is slightly less than half the diameter of the circle you see.

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