YongNuo YN-565 TTL flash released

The Canon version of the long awaited YongNuo YN-565 dedicated wireless flash, announced in April 2011, is now available for order on eBay for around USD 180. (The Nikon version will according to YongNuo follow in another 3-4 months.)

It is the latest and greatest flash in the lineup from YongNuo, the Chinese manufacturer of inexpensive flash units and triggers.

Its unique feature is that a single unit will serve as a remote wireless flash for both Canon's E-TTL and Nikon's i-TTL.

Yongnuo YN-565 TTL Flash
Rear view. Photo: YongNuo.

There will be two models, one for Canon and one for Nikon, compatible with the dedicated TTL hotshoes of each brand. When used as a wireless remote, it will respond to the protocol for either system. In other words, the Nikon version of the YN-565 will be able to receive Canon E-TTL wireless signals and vice versa.

The specifications are quite impressive:

  • TTL, Manual and Multi/RPT stroboscopic modes.
  • Supports rear/2nd curtain sync.
  • Supports FEC/FOLC.
  • Can be used as AWL/TTL remote for both Canon and Nikon.
  • Two plain slave modes: Standard, and pre-flash ignore mode.
  • Zoom 24-105 mm.
  • Automatic or manual zoom.
  • GN 39m at 35mm zoom, GN 58m at 105mm zoom, ISO 100.
  • Metal foot.
  • LCD.
  • PC-socket.
  • Sound prompt.
  • Modeling light.
  • Connector for external battery pack.
  • Recycle time: 3 seconds.

The biggest omission compared to the Canon 580EX II/Nikon SB-900 is that it can not be Master/Commander, and that it does not do HSS/FP. But otherwise, it offers everything the manufacturer's flash offers, at one third of the price.

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YongNuo YN-565 TTL Flash

Seems we have another choice....but don't know how reliable is it!? What's the price is it will going to be!?


Released now and shipping next week at $180

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