How many bits in each colour channel for 8 bpp?

I know that 24 bpp (bits per pixel) means that there are three colour channels (RGB) with 8 bits in each.

But how many bits are there in the each channel for 8 bpp. Please advise.

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The 24 bpp representation you mention is so-called direct colour, where the relative brightnesses of red, green and blue are directly encoded in the each channel.

Most 8 bpp representations use a different encoding system, called indexed colour. This system uses a palette instead of channels. VGA, for instance, uses an 8 bbp palette (providing 256 indexes) pointing to a 18 bbp colour table (6 bits for each channel). The VGA system could produce a total of 262 144 different colors, but only 256 of those could appear at the same time.

(There is a 8 bpp direct colour system that uses 3 bits for the red and green channels, and 2 bits for the blue, but it is not very much used.)

Se also this instructive article in Wikipedia.

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