Twelve years of Nikon DSLRs

On June 15th 1999, Nikon announced the Nikon D1, the first DSLR to carry the Nikon logo. Andy E. has put together a great retrospective article with a timeline and some amazing groups shots of the 28 DSLR bodies that Nikon has released during these twelve years.

Read the full story in Andy E.'s Photo Blog.

This group shot of the four product lines show just how consistent the camera design and user controls have been during these twelve years:

Click for original.
Nikon D-series group shot. Photo: © 2011 Andy E. Used with permission.

From left to right, from front to back:

  1. Enthusiast: D50, D70, D70s, D80, D90, D7000, D100
  2. Pro premium: D1, D1H, D1X, D2H, D2Hs, D2X, D2Xs, D3, D3s, D3X
  3. Entry level: D40, D40x, D60, D3000, D3100, D5000, D5100
  4. Pro: D200, D300, D300s, D700

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