War on photography

Since 9/11, more and more photographers report that they are being hassled by police and security guards. While there are no laws against using a camera in a public place, photographers have been harrassed, questioned, detained, arrested, apprehended, bullied and intimidated. We're told to watch out for photographers, especially suspicious ones.

US Department of Homeland Security poster urging the public to report photographers to the police.

In an article in The Guardian, security expert Bruce Schneier reveals why: While there is no evidence that real terrorists take photographs – movie terrorists do. Schneier calls this a movie-plot threat.

As a result, Schneier says, we get movie-plot security, which, unfortunately, only works in movies. If security focuses on photographers, and terrorists don't take photographs, the money and effort spend on bothering photographers are wasted, and the public are taught to fear something there is no reason to be afraid off.

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