Yongnuo TTL radio flash units

The YongNuo TTL-compatible wireless radio units YN460-TX and YN460-RX are now available for Canon. (The Nikon version is not yet shipping.)

YN460-RX and YN460-TX.
YN460-RX and YN460-TX. Photo: YongNuo

The pair communicates using the international free-for-all 2.4 HHz band. The YN460-RX is designed to be used as a TTL remote flash controlled by radio. The commander is called the YN460-TX. YongNuo claims that the pair has a range of up to 200 meters.

Used in the hot-shoe of a DSLR, the YN460-RX becomes a generic, manual flash (no TTL).

A pair of one transmitter (TX) and one receiver (RX) costs around USD 350 from eBay sellers.

According to this Chinese blog:

  • There are Canon- and Nikon-specific commanders (YN460-TX).
  • The remote flash (YN460-RX) is universal and has only a centre pin, so it cannot be used as a stand-alone TTL flash on a camera.
  • The commander (YN460-TX) features input and output pc-sockets. There is no pc-socket on the remote flash (YN460-RX).
  • In TTL-mode, the YN460-RX supports second curtain sync., FEC, amd FEB.
  • The commander (YN460-TX) takes two AAA batteries. The remote flash (YN460-RX) takes four AA batteries.
  • The units are not compatible with Yongnuo RF-602 or RF-603 wireless radio triggers.

More information:

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