New lens or new body?

I got into DSLR photography last year with a Nikon D40 with a 18-55 mm lens, and I'm really enjoying it.

I'm still feel inexperience when it comes to being a photographer and I would like to expand upon my currently limited equipment and knowledge, giving my photography more scope and range.

What do I need to invest in? Should I upgrade to a better (prosumer?) body. Or should I buy a new lens for my present camera? I can't afford both. Please be specific about what camera model or lens to get.

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2 responses:

A book!

You should read a good book on photography technique and equipment before you buy anything else.

As for an investment, you might prefer something like a tripod or a flash instead of a lens or a camera, but these really aren't a good direction until you have more basic knowledge.

First you should learn more about these things so you can make a better judgement on what's best for you.


If you really want to expand the scope and range in your photography, my suggestion is to spend some money on a workshop or master class for the type of photography you're interested in.

Just buying new stuff will not expand your scope and range as a photographer.

Mind you, it might. But only when one has got a specific project in mind that the present kit is not suitable for. For instance: If one wants to do bird photography, a “birder” lens is a probably a worthwhile investment.

But your question is very broad, indicating that you still do not know what you want to do. That probably means that your present kit is more than adequate. Save your money until you know what you need, or invest in something that can inspire you, such as a master class.

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