Model wants full rights

A model I am going to shoot wants to have full right to photographs. Does this cause any problems for the photographer?

One response:

First you need to be careful about what you mean with “full rights”. Does this means that the photographer transfers all rights, including copyright, to the model, or does it just mean that model get unlimited royalty free use rights to the photograph? Transferring the copyright means that the photographer in practice retains no rights. This would in effect remove from the photographer the right to use his own work. I think most photographers would perceive this as a problem.

On the other hand, if the intent is that the model should be be able to make full use of the photograph. I.e. the model should be able to print an unlimited number of copies for promotional and other purposes, sell the rights to reproduce the photograph to magazines and other third parties, alter the photograph and create derivative works from the photograph, and so on, then we are talking about assigning a limited set of rights to the model, and not “full rights”.

My advice is to avoid ambiguous terms such as “full rights” in any contract between photographer and model, and instead agree on what specific rights the model shall have. All those rights agreed upon should then be explicitly listed in the contract, with a note that the model is entitled to execerise those right under non-exclusive terms.

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