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I visit a number of photographer's forums and there are some questions that appear much more frequent than others. Will there be a camera that replaces model XYZ? Will that replacement be worth the wait? Is my lens really sharp? Most of those questions do not have a sensible answer - at least not in a chat-forum on the Internet. So below I've collected some of the non-sense answers I'd like to give to these questions:
  1. Yes, at one point there will be a new camera announced that will replace the one you are thinking about buying.
  2. Yes, the price of the camera you are thinking about buying will decrease slowly until it is replaced by a new and better model at a higher price point. You will always get a better deal by waiting, which is why you never should buy a new camera if you want the best possible deal.
  3. Yes, you should replace the camera you currently own with the new model. It is a well known fact that a camera stops producing good results as soon as its replacement model is announced.
  4. Yes, the quality and creativity of your photography will improve a great deal if you replace some equipment you already own with some other equipment.
  5. To check if a lens is sharp, run your finger along its edge. If your finger bleeds, then the lens is really sharp.
  6. If your prints are too soft, try printing them on cardboard.
  7. Yes, you should only buy Canon lenses for best results on your Canon DSLR. If you want good result with Tamron lenses, you must use a Tamron DSLR.
  8. To check your DSLR for noise, take a picture at high ISO. Then download it to your MP3-player and listen carefully.
  9. To get a 8x10" view camera turned on, you must talk dirty to it.
  10. The “circle of confusion” is a group of photographers, sitting around a table discussing depth of field.

Any more questions requiring answers?

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Haha- VERY Genius :-)

I like this one!

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