LumoPro LP160 Manual Flash Released

The much anticipated LumoPro LP160 all-manual camera flash is now available for around USD 160. Improvements from the the LumoPro LP120 is more power, the ability to use external power packs, and a so-called “digital” slave mode. The zoom head is unfortunately changed from manual to powered, which makes the new unit more expensive to manufacture and less robust than its predecessor.

The body appears to be based on the Promaster 7500DX and Quantaray QDC 900WA, but the specifications indicate that the electronics is not shared with these flashes.

The increase in power means that the LP160 provides similar power output as Canon's and Nikon's top flashes (i.e. GN 40 with 35 mm coverage ISO 100, meters) at a much lower price point. However, it is a fully manual (generic) flash not compatible with the dedicated flash control system of any manufacturer. The manual settings have a granularity of whole stops from full to 1/64 power. It has a tilt-and-swivel head with 24-105 mm power-zoom, as well as a snap-on 17mm diffuser. If you want to use external power, you may use the Quantum MB5 Connection Cable (connects through the battery compartment) and Quantum 1+, 1C and 2 battery packs. Still missing is a charging socket for external high-voltage power packs that connects directly to the capacitor, such as Nissin Power Pack PRO-300.

One of selling points of the LumoPro flashes is their so-called “quad-sync”. This means there is four separate interfaces that can be used to trigger the flash. These are:

  1. Metal hot-shoe (screw-lock type)
  2. PC-socket (giving you access to standard sync cords).
  3. 3.5 mm monoplug (giving you access to cheap sync cords).
  4. Built-in slave (with two modes, plain and a “digital” mode that ignores pre-flash).
LumoPro LP160.
The LumoPro LP160. Photo: LumoPro.

This unit is designed for those that want a generic no-nonsense manual flash with a lot of power. It competes directly with the YongNuo YN560 that seems to have more or less the same features at an even lower price point.


  • Guide number: 43 (at 35 mm zoom, ISO 100, meters) – similar to Nikon SB-900 and Canon 580 EX II
  • Shoe: Standard ISO, screw lock, single pin, metal construction
  • Other interfaces: Optical Slave (plain and digital), PC syncro port, miniphone 3.5 mm port
  • Power settings: 7 levels – 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64
  • Zoom Settings: 24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 85, 105 mm
  • Wide-angle diffuser: included (17 mm)
  • Swivel: 270 degrees
  • Tilt: 187 degrees, -7 degree tilt (for macro photography)
  • Flash ready light: LED front and back
  • Minimum Recycling Time, Full power: 4 seconds with AA NiMH
  • Power source: 4 type AA batteries, Including Alkaline-manganese, Lithium, NiMH.
  • Optional Power Supply 3rd party: Quantum Battery 1+, 1C and 2 (with MB5)
  • Dimensions (flat): 66 x 79 x 183 mm
  • Weight: 362g rams
  • Supplied accessories: Wide-angle diffuser, Miniphone to PC syncro cable, flash stand.
  • Warranty: 2 years from date of purchase through authorised LumoPro dealers.

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