Extension tubes for the Nikon D5000

I want to get into macro photography. I have the Nikon 50mm f/1.4 G AF-S lens and want to buy a set of extension tubes for use with this lens on my camera. Any recommendations?

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One response:

Get the Kenko DG Auto extension tube set

Your 50 mm is a "G" lens, which means that it does not have an aperture ring. With most extension rings, you will no longer be able to control the aperture, and also lose autofocus. The Kenko DG Auto extension tube set for the Nikon AF Mount have a full set of electrical couplings and let you retain control over aperture and also autofocus with AF-S, AF-D and AF lenses. This is the set to get if you want extenion tubes to use with Nikon AF-cameras.

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