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Key info

Established: 1959
HQ: Dresden, Germany
Web: Global

Praktica is a brand of photo equipment that used to be manufactured by Pentacon in Dresden in Eastern Germany. The company was established in 1959, when several Dresden camera manufacturers, among them VEB Kamerawerke Freital, joined to create Volkseigener Betrieb Kamera- und Kinowerke Dresden. In 1964, it was renamed VEB Pentacon Dresden. After incorporating lens manufacturer VEB Feinoptisches Werk Görlitz in 1968, it was renamed “Pentacon”.

The firm collapsed after German reunification in 1990, but the right to use the Praktica brand was acquired by former lens manufacturer Schneider Kreuznach. The digital cameras and optical equipment that carry the Praktica brand today are manufactured in Asia (mainly South Korea).

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