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Established: 1947
Country: Japan

Miranda Camera K.K. was a Japanese company that manufactured SLR cameras (and one compact) between 1955 and 1976. It started out as a company named Orion Precision Products Industries established in 1947 (or 1946, according to some sources).

In 1955, the company produced its first SLR, named Miranda T. The company was renamed Miranda Camera K.K. after its camera brand in 1957.

In the late 1960ies, US importer Allied Impex Corporation took control of the company. Miranda Camera K.K. went bankrupt in 1976.

The Miranda brand was briefly revieved by Allied Impex Corporation in the 1980s for various OEM products, including cheap SLR cameras (made by Cosina), lenses, flashes, and point&shoot compacts In the UK and Ireland, these where sold in massive quantities by the Dixons chain.

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