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Established: 1957
HQ: Tokyo, Japan
Web: Global

Kenko-Tokina is a Japanese company that distributes all sorts of camera accessories under various brands. Examples: Cokin, Lee and Kenko filters, Kenko conversion lenses, Tokina lenses, Slik and Daiwa tripods, Tamrac camera bags, ATP memory cards, Aska portable image viewers.

The name Kenko was used for cameras distributed by a company named Murakami Shōkai as far back as 1928. In a 1954 advertisement, the company is called Kenkō Shashin Yōhin K.K. However, the company's official website gives 1957 as the founding date.

The corporate relationship between Kenko-Tokina and another Japanese optical industry, Hoya, is unclear. Kenko-Tokina and Hoya promote each others products. In the USA, Tokina, Hoya and Kenko-branded products are distributed by the same company (

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