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GPS coordinates converter

The base for geotagging photos, for map coordinates, and for many other location application is the Global Positioning System, where each location on the earth's surface is represented by a latitude and longitude. The latitude goes from 90° north through 90° south with the equator defined as 0°. The longitude goes from 180° west through 180° east with the prime meridian that passes through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London defined as 0°.

While the this coordinate system is almost universal, many different notations for writing coordinates are used. Instead of using “south” or “S” to indicate that a position lies on the southern hemissphere, and using using “west” or “W” to indicate that a position lies on the western hemissphere, negative numbers may be used to indicate south or west.

Coordinates data may also be represented with integers, decimals, or a combination.

GPS Data.
Typical display of GPS data on a DSLR LCD.

Most camera's display position data using integer degrees followed by decimal minutes, as shown to the right.

Some geotagging software (e.g. Phil Harvey's ExifTool) want latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal degrees (e.g. “59.9346 10.766433”). This is also the preferred input format for Google Maps.

Some sources of coordinate data (for instance some Wikipedia pages), use two integers representing degrees and minutes,, plus seconds represented by a decimal number (e.g: “59° 56' 4.56" 10° 45' 59.1582"”).

This converter lets you convert degrees, minutes, and seconds into decimal coordinates, and vice versa.

Degrees Minutes (Seconds) → Decimal

The minutes field accepts both integers and decimal numbers. Leave seconds field empty if the minutes field contains a decimal value. Use negative numbers for south and west.

Enter Degrees Minutes (Seconds) latitude:
Enter Degrees Minutes (Seconds) longitude:
Results: Latitude: Longitude:

Decimal → Degrees Minutes Seconds

Use negative numbers for south and west.

Enter Decimal Latitude:
Enter Decimal Longitude:
Results: Latitude: Longitude:

This webpage uses Javascript to perform the calculations. The FCC provides a non-Javascript version.

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