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Wide Angle Zooms for DSLRs

A buyer's guide

This is a guide to ultra-wide rectilinear zoom lenses for digital SLRs. I have listed all the zooms, both current and discontinued, that cover a wider field of view (FOV) than 100 degrees I am aware of. This will be 18 mm for FX-format (aka. “135-format”), 12 mm for the DX-format, and wider than 9 mm for Four-thirds.

There are three lists. The first lists such lenses made for the the Four-Thirds format (including micro-Four-Thirds). The second lists lenses that is suited for DX-sized (or smaller) sensors, and will vignette on FX-format sensors. The third lists lenses that can be used on all small format SLR cameras, including FX.

Clicking on the name of the lens will in most cases take you to a mini-review of the lens.

Lenses suitable for sensors of size Four-Thirds

Lenses suitable for sensors of size DX/APS-C and smaller

Lenses suitable for sensors of size FX/135-format and smaller

The prices listed are taken from the B&H-web between January 2007 and May 2011. As prices seems to vary a lot, should only be used as a very rough guide of what you may expect to pay for a new item. Square brackets around the price indicates that the lens is discontinued by the manufacturer and may be difficult to find in new condition. To see current price and availability, visit the website of a merchant selling the particular lens.

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