eBay School

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About eBay*
* But Were Afraid to Ask

The DPanswers' eBay School is a comprehensive introduction to the use of eBay aimed at photograhers who want to take advantage of the eBay global marketplace to buy and sell photographic equipment.

  • Introduction – Getting an eBay account
  • PayPal – Signing up for a PayPal account
  • The auction – Learn about all the elements that make up an eBay auction
  • The listing – Learn how to read eBay item descriptions, etc.
  • The seller – Learn how to evalate feedback on eBay
  • Spotting bargains – Finding the very best deals
  • The right price – How to determine the amount to bid
  • Sniping – Why you almost always should delay bidding to the last minute
  • Counterfeit goods – A short guide to fakes and aftermarket products on eBay
  • Safety guide – How not to become a victim of eBay fraud or identity theft
  • Book-keeping – Keeping a record of your eBay transactions
  • Miscellaneous – A couple of final points to ponder
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