Recommended Books for Photographers

General books about photography

The books below has been picked by the editor of DPanswers as the best general books about photography.

Basic Photographic Materials and Processes, Second Edition
by L. Stroebel, J. Compton, I. Current & R. D. Zakia
Do not let the word “basic” in the title fool you. This classic book is a comprehensive university-level text about the craft and science of photography. If you want to understand the the technical aspects of photography, including optics, visual perception, colour and photometry, this is the book to get. Digital photograhers may want to skip the chapters about film and chemicals, and instead read the final chapter (added for the 2nd ed.) about digital photography. Whether you shoot film or digital, I recommend this book as an essential resource for anyone who wants to under­stand the craft and science of photography, and how to solve the many problems photographers face in day to day work. It is not always an easy read, but it helps that the book is heavily illustrated with instructive photographs and line drawings.
This is a general introduction to DSLR photograhy by photographer, instructor, and author Bryan Peterson. It is clearly organized and wery well written. In its 400 pages, the books demystifies exposure, aperture, shutter speed and ISO, before moving in to the creative aspects of photography, such as composition, the use of light, and approaches to photographing people. It also have sections to gives practical advice about what equipment and accessories you will need, and what software you should use for editing digital photographs. Its target audience is beginners, but its in-depth treatment means that also experienced photographers may learn something from this book. In particular, if you are currently using the automatic modes on your camera, and want to learn how to take control of your photography by using its manual settings, this book is for you.
The 123 of digital imaging
by Vincent Bockaert
This is not a conventional book, but an interactive series of tutorials on CD with more than 5000 pages of content. It covers every­thing you need to know about digital cameras, digital sensor technology, and digital work­flow. Its tutorials on post-processing and digital image editing, covering Photoshop CS, and Photoshop Elements, and Nikon Capture NX is very well organized and suitable for self-study. Runs on both Microsoft Windows and MacOSX.
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