About DPanswers.com

DPanswers.com is a community and advertising-supported website, dedicated to up-to-date and accurate answers about digital photography.

DPanswers.com is intended as a tool for all the people looking for all kinds of information about digital photography and digital image processing – both professionals and hobbyists. In addition to these target audiences we are developing content for specific additional vertical markets that need a well-researched source of relevant content.

DPanswers.com works by soliciting questions from the general public on all sorts of topics relevant to digital photography. The questions are then researched, and if possible, answered by the site's experienced editorial staff and/or by others users of the site. When an answer is available, it will be posted on the site, and the person that originally asked the question will be notified via email.

The question, and any answers to it, will also be publicly viewable on the DPanswers.com website so others can share the benefits of the research and add their insights.

The answers posted on the DPanswers.com website is based upon information found in standard text books and leading reference works in the field. In addition, we will evaluate and link to other resources on the Internet that provide information that we consider valuable and relevant to our users. The majority of answers and links are contributed by our editorial staff, but our user community is welcome to add additional answers, supplementary information and links, as well as corrections.

As the web industry matures and expands in user awareness and utility, the core driver to its growth is the dynamic content that populate the web. We will keep on adding and fine-tuning the contents to provide relevant answers to our user base.

DPanswers.com is an evolving business. We aim to make it one of the leading sources on digital photography on the Internet. We are continiously adding to its volume of high quality content. Our primary objective is to attract a loyal base of dedicated, returning users. In addition, we offer DPanswers.com content to third parties to add to their own sites, either in exchange for a revenue share, or a development and usage license fee.

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